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See our top portfolio picks from Springboard’s UX and UI/UX design graduates.

Hungyi’s portfolio is well organized, making it easy for visitors to find information on her projects, qualifications and bio. For each project, she includes an introduction stating the problem she’s trying to solve, followed by a step-by-step timeline of the design process, supplemented by photos of wireframes, sketches and prototypes. Her portfolio effectively walks viewers through her thought process for each design and highlights her problem-solving skills. 

Hungyi Lee

Background Before Springboard: Web development 

Graduated: February 2020, UX Design Career Track

See Hungyi’s portfolio

Mentor: Earl Friedberg

Sofie Vickers

Background Before Springboard: Biological anthropologist

Graduated: June 2020, UX Design Career Track

Mentor: Barbara Ballard

As a UX researcher, Sofie makes good use of data visualizations in her portfolio, including bar graphs and pie charts, to show the quantitative data that underpins her design decisions. Sofie emphasizes her unique expertise as a researcher by also showcasing competitor analyses and research insights alongside standard design deliverables like wireframes and prototypes. Her portfolio was built using the Webflow platform, a no-code web design tool. 

See Sophie’s portfolio

Paweethida Bibi Tanjasiri

Background Before Springboard: Visual design and art direction 

Graduated: July 2020, UX Design Career Track 

Mentor: Christina Doo and Noemi Selisker 

Bibi’s portfolio leads with high-resolution visuals that make the viewer want to click to learn more. She does a great job of showing off her multidisciplinary skill set by weaving her background in graphic design and gastronomy together with her new skills in UX design. Her work samples include looping videos instead of static images, which show the user flow for the mobile apps she designed, giving the overall impression that she is a veteran in the industry. 

See Bibi’s portfolio

Anthony Ra

Background Before Springboard: Architecture 

Graduated: February 2021, UX Design Career Track

Mentor: Catherine Hicks

Anthony’s portfolio features well-written case studies that highlight his unique approach to analyzing competitors in order to come up with design strategies of his own. He also uses “Before” and “After” visuals to show the impact of his work on improving usability, user flow and aesthetics. Anthony’s portfolio was built using UXFolio, a no-code platform for building UX design portfolios. 

See Anthony’s portfolio

Lynette May Sañez

Background Before Springboard:  Speech Therapist Assistant (SLP)

Graduated: February 2021, UI/UX Design Career Track

Mentor: Ammad Shaikh

Lynette’s portfolio features easy-to-read case studies with annotated screenshots and concise explanations. She uses catchy, simple subheadings to highlight different aspects of the design process, making it easy to skim-read her website. Lynette’s “Before” and “After” screenshots of her prototypes also showcase her unique aptitude for eliminating unnecessary words and visuals that may confuse the user. 

See Lynette’s portfolio

What's the No. 1 priority for our UI/UX Design students? Building a design portfolio that stands out. 

We often hear from design hiring managers that they receive cookie-cutter portfolios. A successful UI/UX design portfolio is unique. It doesn't just contain pretty, high-resolution images of the end product; it provides key insights into your thinking and process. It should share who are as a person, designer, and problem-solver.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these example portfolios from Springboard design graduates.

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