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See our top portfolio picks from Springboard's UX design graduates. 

Dora's portfolio is easy to read while going in-depth into various stages of the UX design process: market need, user research and personas, sitemaps, wireframes, and high-fidelity mockups. Her design style is pleasing to the eye without being distracting, keeping the reader focused on her UX work.

Dora Fang

Background Before Springboard: Industrial Designer

Graduated: October 2018

See Dora's portfolio

Mentor: Miklos Philips

Allie Smith

Background Before Springboard: Marketing

Graduated: February 2019

Mentor: Débora Edelberg

Allie's website is fresh and personal—and smartly highlights her background and personality since she only recently started building her portfolio. Specific projects are laid out in a clear manner with visuals and GIFs of the UX process, keeping the reader engaged.

See Allie's portfolio

Tricia Baxter

Background Before Springboard: Graphic Design

Graduated: February 2019

Mentor: Kyleigh Smith

Tricia uses her website to showcase her varied experience with not just UX, but also print design, illustration, and branding, presenting her as a well-rounded designer. For her UX project, she includes photos of an app as well as interactive mockups so potential employers can actually demo her output.

See Tricia's portfolio

Kate Papadaki

Background Before Springboard: Graphic Design

Graduated: February 2018

Mentor: Shyamala Prayaga

Kate's personas are well researched and believable. She describes her client's objectives in detail at the start of her project walkthroughs—and this serves as a common thread that ties all the work together. Displaying the actual scripts of her user surveys is a helpful detail.

See Kate's portfolio

Nicole Hazelett

Background Before Springboard: Graphic Design

Graduated: January 2018

Mentor: Meg Clayton

Nicole's portfolio is very visual and personal—and includes actual photos of her design process. She has a section called "Inspiration behind my design," drawing on her own experiences to describe the motivation behind her work.

See Nicole's portfolio

Andrew Dicharry

Background Before Springboard: Motion Design

Graduated: August 2018

Mentor: Shraddha Swaroop

Andrew has an extensive background in motion design and is looking to transition into UX so that he can have a bigger impact on users. His project pages include links to an actual prototype so the viewer can test out the experience. 

See Andrew's portfolio

Jonny Vignola

Background Before Springboard: Graphic Design

Graduated: May 2018

Mentor: Alex Clayton

Jonny displays his work "infographic style," with eye-catching colors and detailed wireframe sketches that give deep insight into his UX design process.

See Jonny's portfolio

What's the No. 1 priority for our UX design students? Building a UX project portfolio that stands out. 

And with good reason: Creating a portfolio is a critical step in a new UX designer's journey. We often hear from UX hiring managers that they receive cookie-cutter portfolios. A successful UX portfolio is unique. It doesn't just contain pretty, high-resolution images of the end product; it provides key insights into your thinking and process. It should share who are as a person, designer, and problem-solver.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these example portfolios from Springboard UX design graduates.

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