Intro to UI/UX Design Course

Want a career that offers both stability and creativity, while helping you break into tech? If so, design is for you. Take our intro course to explore the field, try the Springboard experience, and kickstart your portfolio!



Duration of course 

4 weeks 

4.74 of 5

Student rating on SwitchUp

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Weekly calls with mentor and career coach

Learn about the difference between UI and UX

Discover which design role is a best fit for you

Learn the soft skills every designer needs to succeed

Start using various design tools to create prototypes

In this 4-week course, you will

Learn and apply the critical elements of the design process

Build you first portfolio project!



Time to complete depends on your weekly commitment. On average, it takes 4 weeks to complete on a 10 to 15-hour-per-week schedule.

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See what it's like to learn with Springboard

Explore the world of design, and try the Springboard learning experience using this 4-week course.
Your career coach will help you find roles that are a good fit, and craft a job search strategy around them.
Work 1:1 with a career coach
Learn 1:1 from an expert mentor
Build your first design project
Build a real-world portfolio piece that you can add to your resume and speak about in interviews!

Learn more about the design industry from an insider. Get feedback on projects and validate your ideas.

If you enroll in our UI/UX Design Bootcamp after completing this course, you can credit the entire tuition amount towards that program.