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How Springboard prepares you for a career in UI Design

UI Design is a critical component of any product. The best UI Designers are able to convey their ideas through clear and crisp visual communication. In this course, you'll learn how to ideate, wireframe, prototype, test, collaboratively revise, and present your work as a UI Designer.

Master in-demand technical and design thinking skills

Sharpen your fluency in the most powerful tools in UI today (Photoshop, Sketch, Zeplin, and more) with weekly 1:1 mentoring from an industry expert

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Getting Started
  • Be introduced to the fundamentals of UX and UI Design
  • Learn about the origins of UI Design, and how it differs from UX Design
  • Learn how UX and UI interact to create great web design
You'll learn to apply design tools and concepts in the context of real-life design problems. This project-based method is inspired by the design processes at some of the most well-known design agencies in the world.

Your own mentor

What you'll learn



6 months

Duration of the program

1:1 weekly calls


Build a portfolio of projects

Apply your learning to design problems and complete a capstone project to showcase your skills

Launch your career

Make yourself hireable with personalized coaching, including resume review, job search strategy and mock interviews

Design Theory and Wireframing
  • Dive deep into the Color Theory 
  • Strengthen your knowledge of fonts & typefaces
  • Practice using Gestalt Principles to create visually appealing designs
  • Build your first wireframe

Curriculum - what you'll learn

On your weekly 1-on-1 mentor call with a UI Design expert, you'll get to:
Your mentor will keep you accountable and help you master and apply key techniques
Get helpful, honest feedback
Set your own agenda


Be inspired by the best
As an experienced design specialist, your mentor is your window to the UI world

Or choose a 6-month payment plan at $999/month


What's included in the course fee:
Getting Started with Web Design
  • Learn what it takes to build (and test) great web UI 
  • Build your very own Sketch style guides
  • Complete a full web page in Sketch
    (Alternative tools covered if preferable)
Design Process
  • Build and share your prototypes in InVision
  • Review sample portfolio projects to better understand what a good design testing process looks like
  • Do the work of a UI Designer with design sprints

Design Hand Off
  • Learn how to collaborate with cross-functional teams and key stakeholders
  • Review the design handoff process to familiarize yourself with industry standards
  • Collaborate with peers to give (and receive!) feedback in Zeplin
Mobile Design
  • Dive deeper into design considerations for iOS & Android apps
  • Explore the differences between web and app design 
  • Build your own mobile app to practice both design testing and handoff

Frequently asked questions

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for students who wish to learn the in-depth design skills to be a strong UI Designer. Students with a design background and those with no experience are both welcome to take this course to learn the skills needed to be competitive in today's job market.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Prior exposure to design tools can be very helpful (but is not required). You will, however, need a computer with an Internet connection.

What are the eligibility criteria for the job guarantee?
A career transition into UI Design is exciting, but involves focused and consistent effort. We are thrilled to have your back in this journey and ask for an equal commitment from you. In order to be eligible for this job guarantee, you should:
- be 18 years or older
- have a Bachelor's degree or 4-year equivalent from an accredited educational institution  
- be proficient in spoken and written English, as determined by initial interactions with our Admissions team
- be eligible to legally work in the United States (or Canada if applying for positions in Toronto) for at least 1 year following graduation from the program. See the detailed policy for further requirements about specific Visa types
- be able to pass any background checks associated with jobs that you apply for
- apply to positions, dedicate sufficient time and effort, and follow the job search process recommended to you by our career coaches.
Note that if you enroll but do not qualify for the job guarantee, you would still receive full curriculum and course access, including all career components and access to 1:1 career coaching.

Should I take this course if I'm not looking for a new job?
Yes! In addition to people who wish to transition into a career in UI Design, this course is also great for people who want to learn new skills to be more effective in the workplace or to advance their careers in the future. Students may elect not to complete the career-related modules of the course if they are not looking for a new job immediately following the course.

What does the course include?

This course lets you learn online, from anywhere, on your own schedule. If you don't love it in the first week, we’ll give you a full refund.
1. All curriculum materials and resources used in the course.
2. Weekly 1-1 video calls with your personal mentor.
3. Access to an exclusive community of expert mentors and fellow students.
4. Weekly Office Hours hosted by industry professionals.
5. All taxes and fees.

How many hours of work will this course require?
The total estimated workload is 350+ hours . Most students complete in  6 months, working 15-20 hours per week.
You can aim to complete in less time if you are: highly proficient in Photoshop, Sketch, and InVision; are ready to devote more time per week to complete the curriculum materials; and are driven and disciplined with managing your study schedule.

What kind of support can I expect?

You’ll have support from:
- Your mentor: a UI Design expert will provide weekly 1:1 guidance and accountability in a 30-minute video call at a time that works for your busy schedule.
- Community teaching assistants: Dedicated help when you’re stuck, and detailed feedback on each project.
- Career coaches: Your career coach will help with resume reviews, mock interviews, job search strategy etc.
- Springboard student advisors: Our advisors will answer questions, discuss goals, and provide tips and support on any aspect of the program.
- And finally, your classmates: You can form study groups, get feedback, and work on projects together!

How do I earn a certificate of completion?

We will provide certificates of completion to all the participants who complete the course and successfully complete all of the projects.

Is this course conducted online, or in person?

The course is completely online. All you need is an internet connection.

How does the admission process work?

Spots are limited and we accept candidates on a rolling basis. We have a multi-step application process. The first step involves a 5-minute questionnaire to learn about your prior educational and work experience. Based on your responses, we might ask for additional information -- e.g. a brief phone interview, or a quick design challenge - just to make sure the UI Design Career Track is a good fit for you. It is free to apply. 

Can my employer pay for this course on my behalf?

Absolutely! Many of our students have been sponsored by their employers. Most companies are very happy to invest in their employees' learning and development. Check with your employer if they can support your subscription fee from the annual learning budget given to each employee.

Weekly 1-on-1 (30 min each) with your expert mentor

Weekly office hours with industry experts

Lifetime access to the Springboard community

Verified certificate of completion

Mentor review of project work

Be able to create mockups of a functioning web or mobile application

Gain comfort with tools and processes to render industry standard UI deliverables

Have a strong portfolio of work to draw upon for job interviews

Be fluent in Photoshop, Sketch, InVision, and Zeplin

By the end of the course, you will:

Lifetime access to course materials (incl. future updates)

7-day money back guarantee

Proprietary assignments and projects based on real-world examples

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You will have the option to choose a specialization that aligns with your career goals. These are areas of focus that allow you to adapt your learning experience to your interests within the design field.

Specializations include: Motion Design, Illustrations, and User Research


In this program, you'll complete a Capstone Project for your portfolio. You will work directly with your 1:1 mentor, giving you hands-on experience with real design problems and tools. You'll drive an end-to-end process of ideating, wireframing, prototyping, testing, and presenting.

Career Services
  • Work with your own 1:1 career coach
  • Assemble your portfolio from the projects completed during the program 
  • Get help with job search strategy, resume review, and mock interviews
  • Learn effective networking principles that will land you your next job
  • Learn how to negotiate your salary

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Launch your career in tech sales

Springboard's new program will get you job ready in just 3 months. Throughout the program, you will:
  • Work through a comprehensive curriculum designed by sales experts to develop skills like customer research, prospecting, and discovery. You’ll then apply those skills through real life practice preparing you for the job.
  • Connect with your classmates to practice together, share lessons, and reflect on experiences.
  • Work with personal career coaches to refine your job search and land an entry-level tech sales role within six months of graduating.
This course will offer a job guarantee (meaning a full refund if you don't land a job) or the option to wait until you get a job to pay.

Discuss weekly project deliverables, industry topics, or career advice.



Financing options available

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If you want to build a functional, real skill set, then there's not a better option out there than Springboard. 

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