The Python Data Science Stack

Learn to program in Python (lingua franca of data science), how to follow best coding practices, and start using an ecosystem of useful and powerful Python-based tools

Topics covered: 

  1. Python data science stack
  2. Writing clear, elegant code


16+ hours
The curriculum is split into 9 units, followed by your capstone project and career advice.

Curriculum - what you'll learn

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Learn the most common tools and workflows in Python that make tasks such as acquiring raw data, cleaning it, and getting it into a format amenable for analysis much easier.

Topics covered: 

  1. Pandas for data wrangling 
  2. Data in files and databases 
  3. APIs: Collect data from the internet
Data Wrangling


44+ hours

Data science is also about telling a good story. A data story is a powerful way to present insights to your clients, combining visualizations and text into a narrative. 

But storytelling is an art, and needs creativity. This section will try to get your creative juices flowing by suggesting some interesting questions you can ask of your dataset, and a few plotting techniques you can use to reveal insights

Data Story
10+ hours


Statistics is the mathematical foundation of data science. Within statistics, inferential statistics is a set of techniques that helps us identify significant trends and characteristics of a data set. Not only is it useful to explore the data and tell a good story, it also paves the way for deeper analysis and actual predictive modeling. 

Statistical Inference
16+ hours

Topics covered: 

  1. Theory of inferential statistics 
  2. Parameter estimation 
  3. Hypothesis testing 
  4. Exploratory data analysis


Machine learning combines aspects of computer science and statistics to make useful predictions and recommendations, or automatically find groups and categories in complex data sets. In this module, we'll cover the major machine learning techniques. 

Topics covered: 

  1. Scikit-learn 
  2. Supervised and unsupervised learning 
  3. Top machine learning techniques  best practices
  4. Evaluating and tuning machine learning systems
Machine Learning
60+ hours


In this unit, you’ll take all the Data Science and Machine Learning techniques you’ve learned, and apply them to large-scale data sets, using state-of-the art tools and libraries. You’ll also learn about best practices in taking a Machine Learning prototype to production.

Topics covered:

  1. Work with MapReduce, one of the most popular algorithms for large-scale data manipulation
  2. Understand NoSQL databases and how they differ from SQL
  3. Learn Spark, the state-of the-art in distributed computing frameworks
  4. Learn SparkML and MLlib to implement Machine Learning at scale on Spark
Data Science at Scale
10+ hours


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Develop a portfolio-worthy capstone project

In addition to small projects designed to reinforce specific technical concepts, you’ll complete two capstone projects focused on realistic data science scenarios that you can show to future employers.

You will work on two capstone projects that involve the following: 

  1. Formulating a problem based on exploratory data analysis; 
  2. Building a model and transforming data so that it can be input to an algorithm; 
  3. Iteratively evaluating performance, and adapting model/data input to figure out if more data or a different algorithm is needed to best solve the problem.

Analysis of response time to pothole repair requests in Chicago

Melanie Hannah

Graduated Jun 2017

See project

A study on animal shelter and outcomes for animals

Irene Yao

Graduated May 2018

See project

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